On the basis of increasing awareness of efficient supply & excellent quality of EM & HM equipments in hydroelectricity Generation, Nepton Hydrotech & Energy Pvt. Ltd has become one of your admirable partner to provide complete supply of equipments with quality services endlessly and to reduce the costs & hurdles from different angles, thus giving them a competitive advantage in equipment supply & all Engineering services for installing & successful commissioning of Project task. NHEPL prefers to choose a careful & efficient service to its all clients throughout the Nation & provide the ability to handle its client needs on a large scale.

Our business is mostly related to Energy Product industry and we specifically deal in hydropower equipments, wind power equipment. Our aim is to assist all clients in gaining the Competitive Advantage by offering alternative qualities of Penstock Pipes, Headrace Pipes & Electro-mechanical Equipment, which gives both financial & operational benefit.

We, NHEPL is representative of one of the leading renowned hydropower equipment supplier company CHONGQUING HYDROPOWER EQUIPMENT CO. LTD giving services to the maximum numbers of hydro company in Nepal since last 7 years.
Lists of some recent jobs completed & on-going hydro power projects:

  1. Lower Piluwar HP (1 MW)
  2. Belkhu Khola HP (500 KW)
  3. Nagpur HP (5 MW)
  4. Rukum Ujayalo-25 projects (60 MW)
  5. Bhairav Kund HP (3 MW)
  6. Upper Mailung A HP (6.25 MW)
  7. Miya Khola (1 MW)